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Solar Loan

Finance Your Energy

Low Monthly Payment

Own Your Power

Warranty on Parts & Labor

Solar Lease/PPA

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Low Monthly Payment

No Additional Debt

Warranty on Parts, Labor, & Production

Purchase Solar

Power Your Lifestyle

No Monthly Payment

Tax Incentives

Energy Ownership


Client Experiences:
Rave Reviews

A+ quality of work! Stellar communication regarding progress. Couldn’t be more happy! Recommend Whygen Solar to anyone looking to save money on your utilities!
Trevor Durfey
… helped me out with picking the right company and letting me know the pros and cons of each. Very transparent and has checked on us very often. Makes us feel like we’re more than just another client.
Mark Dominguez
All I got to say is this company has the best sales team and customer service by far! Wolfgang Wagner is the best not only was he on top of things he brought us Girl Scout cookies on the first meeting. He went above and beyond.
Dennis Lugo
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With the cost of solar dropping paired with government tax incentives, going solar has never been cheaper. Power your home with as little as $0 down. Get a free quote today!
WhyGen Solar offers two great solutions to pay for your solar system. First is purchasing your system outright for the best deal and no more monthly energy payments. The second option is partnering with one of our financers to get your solar system installed with $0 down. Get a free quote today!
Switching to solar is a process that involves different agencies and approvals before any of the actually labor begins. Once permitting is complete we are able to schedule you install typically within a month. Get a free quote today!
The first step of our process is the initial consultation where we provide information and answer questions. Next is the design phase were we determine how many panels you need and where to place them. The third step is getting all the permitting and permissions to install. And our final step is having our highly trained technicians install your new solar system. Get a free quote today!
Savings on your electric bill can vary based on many factors. On average our customers have saved about 50% on their home energy bill. Get a free quote today!
The tax incentives are constantly changing with new legislation being created. We take advantage of both local, state and federal tax credits to offset some of the initial cost of your new solar system. Get a free quote today!

Absolutely! Our referral programs allows you to make some money while your friend or family member save money on their energy bill. Contact us to learn more about how our referral program works and how much money you can earn!

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