WhyGen Solar was founded in 2020 amid the 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic. CEO Aaron Rice became obsessed with a popular self-development book called Start With Why by Simon Sinek. After adopting the book’s philosophy, Aaron realized there is an untouched space within the industry that puts a company’s sole focus on creating an unrivaled experience for sales reps. This is the Why in Whygen.

Residential Purchase

Buy your solar panels outright and begin seeing the saving on your energy bill right away.

Residential Loan

Finance your solar panel purchase with affordable monthly payments.

Commercial Solar

Power your business with sustainable, clean energy with a commercial solar system.


Solar Loan

Finance Your Energy

Low Monthly Payment

Own Your Power

Warranty on Parts & Labor

Solar Lease/PPA

Buy Your Energy

Low Monthly Payment

No Additional Debt

Warranty on Parts, Labor, & Production

Purchase Solar

Power Your Lifestyle

No Monthly Payment

Tax Incentives

Energy Ownership

Client Experiences:
Rave Reviews

A+ quality of work! Stellar communication regarding progress. Couldn’t be more happy! Recommend Whygen Solar to anyone looking to save money on your utilities!
Trevor Durfey
… helped me out with picking the right company and letting me know the pros and cons of each. Very transparent and has checked on us very often. Makes us feel like we’re more than just another client.
Mark Dominguez
All I got to say is this company has the best sales team and customer service by far! Wolfgang Wagner is the best not only was he on top of things he brought us Girl Scout cookies on the first meeting. He went above and beyond.
Dennis Lugo
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